2020 – "Packaging of the Year 2020" for "Tatramelky " - a more eco-friendly paper packaging

Puffed rice cover in delicious caramel, has traditionally been packaged in OPP-based laminate.

We have developed a more eco-friendly paper packaging with a heat-sealable layer on the bottom side. We printed in the Offset machine with EB curing system, which is a more eco-friendly solvent-free technology. In cooperation with the manufacturer of the packaging machine we adjusted it to be able to package not only film, but also paper. We designed an attractive folk motif and a limited edition is sold in Tatra mountain huts.

The paper is fully recyclable, bio-degradable, and soluble in water. The paper waste thus does not harm the environment.

2019 – "Packaging of the Year 2019" for Roasted Hazelnuts – a recyclable packaging

The package for Italian roasted hazelnuts has been made for years by laminating materials: OPP matt + metallized polyester + LLDPE film.

We have developed a new package structure for the customer in which we replaced the metallized polyester by white film and the LLDPE film is used as the bottom layer.

We managed to exclude aluminium from the structure. Instead of a composite, we have a material that is easier to recycle. 
Customer tests of the packaged product confirmed that the minimum durability of the product is the same for this structure. We continue with other kinds of nuts in the project.

WorldStar Packaging Awards 2018 for Chemosvit Folie, a.s.

Paper look packaging, which is one of the innovations in the food industry, continues on its winning path – after the Packaging of the Year 2017 and the Award of the chairwoman of the jury, it also obtained the highest score, the WorldStar Packaging Awards 2018. It was received by Chemosvit Folie representatives in Queensland, Australia.

2018 – Packaging of the Year "PASTA BASTA – packaging of instant soups"

Laminate made of a 15 micron OPP and a white LDPE film. Offset printing technology with a central impression cylinder allows for reaching a perfect register of thin films. Inks deposited in machine stable positions, and electron beam hardening (E-beam), stand for advantage not only as regards shortening of preparatory work but also reducing environmental impacts.

E-beam technology does not rely on solvents, photoinitiators, nor drying of inks. Unlike rotogravure printing cylinders. Metal plates can be produced in several minutes, and are 100% recyclable.

Excellent printing quality, fast job exchange, and a possibility to print several different pictures next to each other, stand for the perfect solution for local brands, or promotional events.

2017 – EcoLogi award for Chemosvit Folie, a.s.

In 2017, Chemosvit Folie, a.s., scored high not only in the field of innovations, but also in the field of ecological solutions. Our project of goods shipment using plastic transportation boxes, successfully launched in 2016, was ranked by expert judges as second best in the competition of Ecological Logistics Project of the Year 2017.

It involves a new, more ecological-friendly bags wrapping technology replacing the so-far used cardboard boxes. In this way, paper waste of boxes and cushions, stretch films and wooden pallets that the customer cannot use anymore, is getting minimized. Additionally, this way of packaging brings along other benefits, e.g. better goods protection, simplification of the packaging process, transportation unit handling, pallet management, etc.

The system of plastic boxes is environmentally friendly as they can be used repeatedly and are recyclable. In this way, we contribute to the protection of the most precious value – our environment. 




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