COVID-19 and Chemosvit Folie

Apr 4, 2020 | News

As the new coronavirus (Covid-19) started to spread from Asia to Europe, Slovakia was among the countries that proceeded very vigorously against spreading this pandemic. Since we are one of the food packaging producers, we couldn’t afford to overly limit our production, but we had to secure all the necessary precautions very quickly. We started production of the scarcely available disinfectants in our laboratories and luckily, our sister company Fibrochem helped us with the face masks. Our employees are provided with several face masks they can change several times during the working shift. Working on a machine with a face mask on is very demanding, they can therefore choose from 2 available types.

Seamless knitted face masks containing 90% or textile woven face masks Karpathia® containing 100% polypropylene certified Slovak yarn Prolen® Siltex, which is treated with a permanent antibacterial (biocidal) additive based on silver ions, active substance: silver phosphate glass. Prolen® Siltex prevents the growth of bacteria, reduces unpleasant odours and provides hygienic freshness. The antibacterial additive treated with Prolen® Siltex doesn´t meet the criteria for classification as hazardous substance (in accordance with the CLP Regulation). The purchase of the antibacterial face mask is now possible in shops. We are pleased to could have helped by prompt packaging production for these face masks.

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