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Moving towards more sustainable solutions

Dec 1, 2020 | Sustainability

Sustainable production is an ongoing process. It´s not a one-time final packaging solution but a constant searching for new more ecological variants while maintaining the full functionality of the packaging, or more precisely improving its qualities. For the final customer it may be very difficult to sort the household waste properly, as long as there is a lot of foodstuff packed in so-called composite packaging on the market. Which means, the packagings containing polyesters, polypropylenes, polyamides, polyethylenes or aluminium foil in the structure. Coffee, cheese, meat products a lot of other foodstuffs can be found packed in such packagings on the shelves of the shops.

And this is what we strive to change together with the food producers.

We keep searching for mono-structural materials – materials composed of only one particular group of plastics or only one plastic type, which would fulfill all necessary requirements of the packed foodstuff. At the same time, we have to take into the consideration that the packaging machines can´t decrease the capacity and the shelf-life of the product has to be retained.

One of the traditional packaging solutions was PET/PET met/PE, which can be found in different food segments. Our experienced research team managed to replace the particular layers of the composite, so that the physical-mechanical properties of the packaging remained the same. Simultaneously, the number of layers in the laminate decreased. Laminate based on PP-OPP ultra high barrier/cast PP can fully replace the typical structure and spreads our portfolio of the recycle-ready packaging solutions.





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