Sustainability in the first place

Jul 21, 2020 | Sustainability

In the time of the corona pandemic outbreak in Europe the biggest attention was aimed at the health protection and observance of hygienic measures. Usage of unpopular single-use plastic bags and containers increased and the food formerly placed in containers started to be packed again. The production of grocery bags and packaging for hygienic products has been increased as well. To support our sister company Fibrochem, Chemosvit Folie quickly started producing bags for antibacterial face masks and gloves.

Despite the complicated times the development of the sustainable packaging went on. In cooperation with the Slovak seasoning producer Chemosvit Folie kept going in developing the recyclable substitute of the packaging. The customer uses nowadays composite packaging made by lamination of polypropylene, polyethylene and polyester. Such packaging is not recyclable, so it has been modified into more sustainable packaging based only on polypropylene for the customer. Our technicians visited the customer to test the material processing on the packaging machine. Apart from the substitution of the composite by monostructural, and recyclable material, a big positive was the temperature reduction in the sealing jaws of the machine by 50°C. This means a big energy saving for heating of the sealing parts during the packaging process and naturally lower heat leakage into the machine surroundings. High barrier against water vapour and oxygen enables to prolong the shelf-life of the packed product.

Four different flavours of the dredge mixtures will be displayed on the shelves of the shops in new ecological packaging.

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