Carrier bags

Carrier bags with top quality printing: 

CHEMOSVIT FOLIE, s.r.o., offers carrier bags with top-quality printing, manufactured on a 10-colour flexoprinting machine for reasonable prices.

In our in-house graphic studio, we can prepare and process high-quality designs with various themes for the customer.

 Carrier bags are produced by technology of heat welding of films of in-house production. The bags are not subject to changes in climatic conditions, are resistant to excessive humidity and retain their physical and mechanical properties for a long time. Regranulate is also used in their production and they are all 100 % regranulatable.

During the machine testing, several pictures were developed in our in-house graphic studio. The pictures used four CMYK colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). Using up to four colours allows the simulation of “gold” colour (Jazz picture), metal colours (coffee – grinder picture), details of different fabric types (Santa picture), Christmas decorations, etc.

This machine allows the production of up to 10-colour printing of various graphic designs in top-quality. We have developed several neutral designs of: fruits, flowers, coffee, bread, geometrical shapes, Christmas, perfumes, abstract pictures…

Size modification allows the production of a series of the same picture ranging from small cosmetic bags (220 x 300) up to big carrier bags (650 x 540).

We offer these bag types:

  • bag with elliptical cutting  
  • bag with elliptical cutting and gusset
  • bag with strengthened elliptical cutting 
  • bag with strengthened elliptical cutting and gusset
  • bag with a strip handle
  • bag with a strip handle and gusset





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