Certificates and awards

Certificates of sustainable solutions

Innovative flexible packaging film which is able to reach mechanical, physical and technical properties comparable to fossil-based materials used for plastics.

Awards for sustainable solutions

2021 – "WORLDSTAR WINNER 2022" - for a solution of a "fully recyclable bag with secondary usage"

Chemosvit Folie has developed sustainable solution of toilet paper packaging. The pure PE structure was chosen to be fully recyclable. The film contents PCR (post-consumer) and PIR (post-industrial) mechanical recyclate, by which the resources are spared.

Thickness reduction of the packaging by 5-10 microns means further saving of the raw material. After the contents of the package is used, packaging could be used as a plastic bag for domestic waste.

The litter bag, together with other plastic waste, gets to mechanical recycling line and it can be used again as PCR regranulate for new film production and close the loop.

2021 – Packaging of the Year for "fully recyclable bag for a toilet paper with secondary usage" and for "sustainable packaging for Princezky"

Fully recyclable bag for a toilet paper with secondary usage won us not only Packaging of the Year, but the SILVER JURY CHAIR AWARD as well.

One of the Chemosvit Folie´s sustainable solutions, is a toilet paper packaging, applying four out of five sustainability principles.

We chose a PE structure. The packaging is fully recyclable and with PCR and PIR recyclate, such as downgauging the packaging thickness by 5-10 µm resource saving.

Once the content is used, the packaging becomes a plastic litter bag, ends up with other plastic waste in the recycling line and can be used again as a new hygiene products packaging.

And thus, used again for such packaging fulfilling both – primary function of product protection and secondary one of a plastic waste-bag.

The other Packaging of the Year 2021 we won for our sustainable packaging for Princezky, in which the laminate was replaced by the monostructure with lacquer. 

Offset printing with electron beam curing system, as a sustainable technology contributes to the cleaner environment, using no solvents, no photo initiators.

 Special solvent-free inks are used. The printing process is energy saving, compared to the other technologies. It doesn´t require drying inks. The film isn´t exposed to the heat stresses.

Offset printing technology enables printing of tiny details and fine lines. High-glossy lacquer enabled usage of mono-film. Its plasticity and heat resistance substitutes the upper OPP layer. The chosen white film with the SIT 80°C saves the energy for heating the sealing jaws during packaging.

The packaging is fully recyclable.

2020 – "Packaging of the Year 2020" for "Tatramelky " - a more eco-friendly paper packaging

Puffed rice cover in delicious caramel, has traditionally been packaged in OPP-based laminate.

We have developed a more eco-friendly paper packaging with a heat-sealable layer on the bottom side. We printed in the Offset machine with EB curing system, which is a more eco-friendly solvent-free technology. In cooperation with the manufacturer of the packaging machine we adjusted it to be able to package not only film, but also paper. We designed an attractive folk motif and a limited edition is sold in Tatra mountain huts.

The paper is fully recyclable, bio-degradable, and soluble in water. The paper waste thus does not harm the environment.

2019 – "Packaging of the Year 2019" for Roasted Hazelnuts – a recyclable packaging

The package for Italian roasted hazelnuts has been made for years by laminating materials: OPP matt + metallized polyester + LLDPE film.

We have developed a new package structure for the customer in which we replaced the metallized polyester by white film and the LLDPE film is used as the bottom layer.

We managed to exclude aluminium from the structure. Instead of a composite, we have a material that is easier to recycle. 
Customer tests of the packaged product confirmed that the minimum durability of the product is the same for this structure. We continue with other kinds of nuts in the project.

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