Circular economy in everyday life

Feb 1, 2021 | News

Respecting the customer´s requirements for recyclable packaging directs us as the company more and more to the way of circular economy. Whether it is accepting the demands for sustainable packaging or contributing to the waste separation and thus reducing the waste percentage, as well as projecting mono-material packaging for our customers.

One of the sustainable solutions of Chemosvit Folie is our new toilet paper packaging, by which we respect four out of five rules of sustainability throughout the production process. From the material selection, where the pure PE structure was chosen, what makes the packaging fully recyclable. At the same time using PCR (post-consumer) and PIR (post-industrial) recyclate, by which the resources are spared and the waste is thus reduced. Thickness reduction of the packaging by 5-10 microns means saving the material consumption by production of this packaging. And after the contents of the package has been used, the packaging can be used as a plastic bag for domestic waste.

By responsible approach of the final customers to the environment, the litter bag, together with other plastic waste, gets to the recycling line and it can be used again as PCR regranulate in the production of packaging for hygienic needs. And it can be used again for such packaging fulfilling not only the original function of the product protection, but also the secondary one of a bag for plastic waste.


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