Food packaging

Chocolate products

Packaging of monofilms and laminates printed by rotogravure, flexoprinting and EB offset printing technology for the packaging of chocolate and chocolate bars.

Applying cold seal on monofilm or laminate allows for using high packaging speeds. The whole surface or partial surface coating with glossy or matt lacquers enhances the attractiveness of packaging.

Availability of two-line alpha-numeric code printing fitting for direct contact with food.


A broad range of monofilms and laminates with flexo, rotogravure or EB offset printing. Special twist grades for individual wrapping of candies, lollipops and chewing gums. Cold seal application for running machines at high packaging speeds. Laminates with a reverse sealable layer of own production allowing the sealing of contaminated surfaces. The packaging is supplied in the form of rolls or various bag types.

All-surface or partial matt lacquer coating enhances the packaging attractiveness.

Possibility of applying double-line alphanumeric codes for direct contact with foods.

Bakery products

Monofilms and laminates made of plain and barrier films. Packaging with flexoprinting can be supplied in the form of rolls and bags of different shape and size. The application of special inks on bread packs allows their subsequent sterilization.


Monofilms with rotogravure printing and high colour stability in seals. Laminates with low and high barriers. Both-side printing option. Rotogravure, HD flexo and EB offset printing of luxurious packs.

Double and triple laminates for the packaging of nuts with high barriers to light, water vapour, oxygen and aroma incorporating aluminium films, or transparent barrier films. Reverse layer sealable even through surface contaminations.


Monofilms and laminates with high seal strength and reliable seals even through surface contaminations. Puncture resistant. Supplied in the form of rolls or bags.


Black-white film of own production for the packaging of milk featuring excellent seal strength even at impulse sealing.

Packaging of cheese and meat products in transparent high-barrier films. Laminates stable to UV light, with anti-fog properties. A luxury look with special effects, matt-gloss appearance, parchment imitation and paper touch.

Packaging fitting for sterilization and pasteurization.


Laminates with flexo, rotogravure or EB offset printing. Inner film transparent, puncture resistant, sealable through surface contaminations. High seal strength allows for packing bigger volume products. Luxurious look with special effects, matt-gloss appearance, parchment imitation and paper touch.


Multilayer laminates for coffee and coffee mixtures with Aluminium or metallized foil protect the product from oxygen, moisture, heat and light.

High-barrier packaging without the need for Aluminium or metallisation, is an ecological solution. Flexo, rotogravure or e-beam offset printing technologies combined with matt-glossy or paper effects underline the premium image of the product.

Our own production of PE and cPP films enables us to tailor the packaging directly to the customer´s needs and demands. Film packaging or sealable paper as the top cover for the vacuum-packed coffee, and also for individual packagings of tea bags.


Packaging made of special films with high barrier properties. A perfect seal strength through surface contaminations.


PE-based packaging film from in-house production for glass, plastic and aluminium bottles overwrapping printed with high quality flexoprinting of up to 8 colours.

Laser perforation available for easy opening.




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