Paper-touch effect now also on material with CS application

Jul 31, 2020 | News

Packagings with a “paper look” effect appeared on the food market several years ago. The unconventional design solution impressed the customers, and thus more and more matt- glossy packagings landed on the shelves of the shops. These packagings became a common standard and almost every producer can provide them nowadays. However, the development has continued and three years ago Chemosvit Folie was among the first to launch a coffee packaging with an even stronger matt effect. This “paper look and paper touch” packaging also creates an attractive embossing effect. Chemosvit Folie has been awarded the World Star Award for this product, which we are immensely proud of. Both of these lacquers have been originally intended for heat-sealable packagings.

However, Chemosvit Folie wanted to offer the same visual and tactile effect of the lacquers to the customers using cold seal application. In cooperation with the ink producer, a release lacquer has been developed, which has a significantly stronger matt effect and is rougher on touch. Rotogravure printing cylinders have to be engraved by a special raster to achieve the desired effect.

The first product, “Kaštany”, has already been successfully launched and other customers are increasingly joining with their products.




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