Technological support


  • Production of blown packaging films based on LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE polymers, co-polymers or mixtures, in clear or colour finishes, with or without printing
  • Production of cast coextruded films

Both types of films can be used for product separately or in laminates with other substrates.


On our rotogravure printing machines we are able process your orders.

Printing is available in 11 colours and maximum width of 1,300 mm. 

We print applications as per your request: cold seal, both side printing, matt effect, matt-gloss effect, winner codes…

Our machines feature 100 % quality inspection system to produce top quality printing.


We can print demanding or simple pictures of up to 10 colours.

We use digital and Full HD technology.

As regards substrates, all film grades, PET, OPA, OPP, PE, cPP, metallized, or pearl, are mass dyed.

We have a special system of quality inspection while printing: matching of colours, bar codes, print and colorimetry defects – delta E.


The offset printing machine combines benefits of two technologies: a top detailed offset production and a high opacity of white produced by flexoprinting. Owing to Heptachrome technology, the customer is not limited by the maximum number of printing units – all logo colours can be reproduced by the register matching the PANTONE Extended scheme with the option of application matt or glossy final coating.

In printing, highly resistant, low-migrating, electronic beam crosslinked inks are being used, not involving any organic solvents. The maximum printing width is 1,050 mm, the machine can print PET, BOPP, PE film and paper substrates.



Our latest laminating machines allow us to produce high quality laminates to cover the requirements for very demanding, medium and undemanding applications with high stability of packaging films. Two laminating machines are only for solvent-free lamination, and three for solvent-based, solvent-free, water adhesives machines with CS deposition option.
We produce two-, three- and four-layer structures with optimum barrier properties, brilliancy and aesthetics of the laminate. The structure corresponds with the requirements of our clients as regards the product wrapped, its life and utility properties.


Our slitters allow slitting of films in widths as requested by the customer. We can supply films in rolls of optimum width. 

Some machines are fully automated with an integrated laser perforation option during slitting. There is a video-monitoring system installed to secure a flawless perforation.


We can produce a laser perforation on PE, PET and PP films. Laser is installed on a slitting machine at the point of final winding. Perforation is possible in different shapes in vertical or horizontal directions.


Unicodes can be printed either during rotogravure printing, or slitting.

Rotogravure printing allows for printing 8 pictures next to each other in two lines (250 characters per line + simple pictures) with inkjet ink suitable for direct contact with food. Unicodes can be placed on a monofilm, or a laminate. According to the customer requirements it can be coated with protective food contact varnish. 

During slitting, we can print unicodes using two heads next to each other. The ink is not suitable for the contact with food.


We can produce micro- & macro- perforated films.

We offer several sizes and types of the perforation. The perforated films can be transparent or printed (printing types: rotogravure printing up to 11 colours, flexoprinting up to 10 colours, offset heptachrome printing and EB curing). 

Monofilms or laminates can be perforated. 

Perforation is designed for protection and quality guarantee of the fresh fruits and vegetables, bakery products and other products. 



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