CHEMOSVIT FOLIE s.r.o. is a winner of several awards, e.g.:

2019 - "Packaging of the Year 2019" for Roasted Hazelnuts - a recyclable packaging

The package for Italian roasted hazelnuts has been made for years by laminating materials: OPP matt + metallized polyester + LLDPE film. We have developed a new package structure for the customer in which we replaced the metallized polyester by white film and the LLDPE film is used as the bottom layer.
We managed to exclude aluminium from the structure. Instead of a composite, we have a material that is easier to recycle. 
Customer tests of the packaged product confirmed that the minimum durability of the product is the same for this structure. We continue with other kinds of nuts in the project.

2018 - "Packaging of the Year 2018" for packaging of instant soups

PASTA BASTA - instant soups

Laminate made of a 15 micron OPP and a white LDPE film. Offset printing technology with a central impression cylinder allows for reaching a perfect register of thin films. Inks deposited in machine stable positions, and electron beam hardening (E-beam), stand for an advantage not only as regards shortening of preparatory work, but also reducing environmental impacts.
E-beam technology does not rely on solvents, photoinitiators, nor drying of inks. Unlike rotogravure printing cylinders, metal plates can be produced in several minutes, and are 100% recyclable.

Excellent printing quality, fast job exchange, and a possibility to print several different pictures next to each other, stand for the perfect solution for local brands, or promotional events.

2017 - EcoLogi award for Chemosvit Folie, a.s.

In 2017, Chemosvit Folie, a.s. scored high not only in the field of innovations, but also in the field of ecological solutions. Our project of goods shipment using plastic transportation boxes, successfully launched in 2016, was ranked by expert judges as second best in the competition of Ecological Logistics Project of the Year 2017.

It involves a new, more ecological-friendly bags wrapping technology replacing the so-far used cardboard boxes. In this way, paper waste of boxes and cushions, stretch films and wooden pallets that the customer cannot use anymore, is getting minimized. Additionally, this way of packaging brings along other benefits, e.g. better goods protection, simplification of packaging process, transportation unit handling, pallet management, etc.

The system of plastic boxes is environmentally friendly as they can be used repeatedly and are recyclable. In this way, we contribute to the protection of the most precious value - our environment. 

2017 - "Packaging of the Year 2017" for paper-look coffee pack Primo

This year was very successful for our company. Syba, the Czech and Slovak Packaging Association, honoured our paper-look packaging with the award Packaging of the Year.

This flexible packaging made of OPP/PETmet/LLDPE is original and unique in food industry. It has not only paper-look, but also paper-touch. The packaging features a typical roughness, indistinguishable from paper, quite unusual for rotogravure technology. Owing to this, it has a very luxury appearance and the right distribution of coated and uncoated areas provides it with genuine embossing effect. The packaging was also awarded by the Prize of Jury Chairwoman. This prize was introduced this year by Syba Packaging Institute, the organizer of the competition Packaging of the Year, the only competition in the Czech and Slovak markets in which the panel of expert judges appraise the best entries. 6 products with the highest rating got through to the finals, out of which Chemosvit Folie, as the only Slovak company, scored high with their paper-look coffee packaging. We are proud to be awarded the bronze medal.

The product that was also presented at Düsseldorf Interpack fair is very demanded by home and foreign customers for the packaging of coffee or chocolate. 
Paper look

Packaging of the year 2017

2016 - SAVE FOOD for a cheese packaging

“Save Food” is an initiative of UNO focusing on better packaging characteristics and reducing losses of fresh and processed foods. It was joined by many institutions, corporations and private companies all over the world. Packaging was evaluated at SYBA competition, in category “Packaging of the year.” The competition stresses material innovation, technology and design of packaging focusing on higher protection of foods in food chain from feedstuff up to final food products while minimizing packaging material, in line with the slogan: “As little as possible, as much as necessary.”

In 2016, the winner of this award became Chemosvit Folie with their packaging of sliced Gouda cheese in tubs. Packaging is made of a laminate of a transparent flexible PET film and a PE film with EVOH layer. It has an excellent barrier to water vapour, oxygen and aromatic matters. The packaging is flexoprinted, easy open and reclosable. The film will cling to the tub without the need of additional sealing material, e.g. hot-melt. In this way, the packed food has a longer shelf life.

This and other products winning Save Food Awards are presented at Interpack 2017 show, in the area of “Innovationpark”.  

2015 - The Golden Seal Award for partial metallization

In the 22nd year of the Golden Seal competition organized by the Union of Printers of Slovakia, Chemosvit Folie won two prizes for a remarkable printing technology of partial metallization which was also appraised in the category of Other printed matters.

zl.pecat.2015  zlata.pecat.2015 1

All in all, 13 organizations joined this competition in which 22 Golden Seals were awarded, and 54 appraisal protocols issued. As stated by the commission of printing experts, printing production in Slovakia has continued maintaining its very high quality level. The awarded product of Chemosvit Folie is a luxury packaging with a partial metallization affording new dimension of assessing a packaging. Its basis, however, is not the demetallization, a common method employed worldwide, but a shielded metallization, i.e. a targeted aluminium deposition on selected parts of packaging.

“Using partial metallization, we can create various pictures and transitions from 100% to 1% dot,” said Eva Sámelová, Marketing Manager of the company. Metallization is protected against abrasion by a surface coating, and various pictures can be created in the following printing process. This way of packaging converting can be applied on sheets, as well as on bags. The packaging is the result of our development headed by Martin Pitoňák, Sales and Marketing Director of Chemosvit Folie, in co-operation with Terichem company.

The mission of the Golden Seal competition is to appraise and promote top printing producers and support the development of printing industry in Slovakia. Chemosvit Folie can boast of several Golden Awards won in the last years.

FOTO vrecka 2015

2013 - National Quality Award for 2013

CHEMOSVIT FOLIE a.s. became a winner of National Quality Award of the Slovak Republic in 2013. This competition, which is a part of the state quality policy, is being announced by the National Quality Programme of the Slovak Republic each year. The Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing (SOSMT) has been organizing the National Quality Award from 2000, with individual stages taking 12 months. It aims at motivating and supporting public and private sector bodies in the continuous improvement and increasing efficiency through the implementation of the EFQM Excellence Model developed by the EUROPEAN Foundation of Quality Management. This model, observing the principle methodology of the European Quality Award, became the basis of the National Quality Award of SR in 2000.

The National Award is the most prestigious national quality competition, and the highest degree of recognition that can be achieved, through which the awarded company can differentiate itself from the competitors in the field of quality management. The competition is announced each year in November, during the European Week of Quality, and ends up by ceremonial awarding winners and finalists in individual categories in November next year. Participants of the National Quality Award Competition follow the Statute, as the main programme document, and the rules of competition setting out the basic principles. According to these, the team of employees of Chemosvit Folie produced a self-assessment report which was moved on to the finals of the competition.

A very strict team of Assessment judges from The Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing made the assessment of all stated figures and facts at our company in August 2013, and verified all the data for the final assessment.

The ceremonial act of awarding the winners of the National Quality Award of SR for 2013, was held on 11 November 2013 in the historical building of National Council in Bratislava, and the awarded winner was CHEMOSVIT FOLIE, a.s.
EFQM  Národná cena za kvalitu

2012 - A packaging awarded the Golden Seal

A newly developed barrier cheese packaging won the prestigious Golden Seal award in the category of other prints 2012, right at the beginning of its life cycle. The awarded pictures of BEEMSTER and MAASLANDER are a part of a new collection of 18 pictures intended for the demanding Holland cheese packaging market. They include demanded oxygen and water vapour barriers, paper look and paper touch effects. The intention of barrier packaging is to prolong the shelf life od cheese. The barrier is about to provide longer life, prevent drying out of food, stop the losses of weight, aroma and flavour. It also improves the attractiveness and hygiene safety of product.

BEEMSTER packaging is made of polyester film printed with up to 9 colours with matt overcoating in register that produces a matt-glossy surface effect, and a reverse barrier film with the above properties. The design was produced in five months.

MAASLANDER packaging has a shape of an envelope. The used material is a matted polypropylene film printed with 8 colours, and a barrier film. In the first step, we had to solve the tear strength of the final packaging. Second, we dealt with the distance of photo-marks required by the customer. The next step included the development of these pictures in matt-glossy finish. All the used materials meet the requirements for food contact.

2011 - Packaging of the year 2011 for Chemosvit Folie

SYBA, the Czech packaging association, have been organizing the competition of the Packaging of the Year for 17 years. The aim of this competition is to appreciate and promote the best and the most innovative packaging solutions and technologies that have lately appeared in the Czech and foreign markets.

This prestigious competition is intended to appreciate progressive packaging solutions in the categories of consumer, gift, family and display packaging, transportation and technological overs wraps, packaging materials, labels, closures, fixations and other packaging. Out of 86 registered, the film TENOFAN KXMAT/M/111S produced by Chemosvit Folie, was awarded this prize in the category of Packaging Materials. In total 29 exhibits were awarded.

TENOFAN KXMAT/M/111S is a threelayer laminate with an effective matt appearance in combination with a metallized OPET film and a mixed PE sealable layer for the packaging of foods and seasonings of powder, pappy and liquid consistence in modified atmosphere. OMCAFÉ, a ground roasted coffee for a customer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, is also packed in this packaging grade.

This prize gives Chemosvit Folie right to present the logo of the competition on their promotion materials.
Omcafé 2011Obal roka 2011

2011 - The Golden Seal to confirm top quality

The mission of the state competition of The Golden Seal organized by the Union of Printers of Slovakia is to appraise and promote top printing producers, and to support the development of printing industry in Slovakia. Chemosvit Folie is the company regularly wining awards in this competition. This year, they won a certificate of merit for an assortment of laminated OPP packaging with graphic picture produced by the graphic department and printed using rotogravure technology.

The competition, held already for the 18th year, has a good reputation and is attended by top printers and graphic picture producers from the whole Slovakia.

pecat12011 1 pecat12011 2 pecat12011 3

2010 - KRAFT FOODS: „Supplier of the Year 2010“

In 2010, Chemosvit Folie, a.s. was awarded the prize “Supplier of the year 2010.“ The company´s Sales Director, Ladislav Dunaj, took over the prize from the hands of Mattias Asplund, Purchase Manager of Kraft Foods CEEMA (Central Europe, Middle East and Africa), on Monday, 6 June 2011.

This prestigious award from the world leader in confectionery business, is an appreciation of the company´s long-lasting stability, reliability, flexibility in responding to customer´s demands, and ability to observe deadlines and delivery times, and to reduce production and administration costs.

Chemosvit Folie, a.s. has been supplying Kraft, in particularly, with the packaging for biscuits, chocolate bars and candies. Long-established successful co-operation with this customer has resulted in several successful projects, among which is, for example, QR System (Quick Replenishment) where the customer does not place film orders, but provides the so-called demand forecasts for the next 12 weeks, instead.

Winning the prize is binding for us,” emphasized Ladislav Dunaj. “Current Kraft, after acquiring Danone, is our dominant customer, and we feel very proud that it´s just our company out of their many suppliers that meets their high demands best.”

At the meeting in Bratislava, both parties have declared their interest in long-time and mutually advantageous co-operation that would bring stability to both businesses in today´s turbulent world. “High demands of the customer are also the reason for us not to stay resting on our laurels and continue searching for new ways and methods to increase our competitiveness which I find as a bonus in co-operating with the world leaders.”
Dodávateľ roka Prevzatie ceny

2008 - The Golden Seal (Zlatá pečať)

The contest of the Golden Seal (Zlatá pečať) for the best polygraphic design from companies and individuals, was held for the fifteenth time this year. The contest had nine categories and is organised by the Polygraphic Union and is the only one of its kind in Slovakia.

17 organisations and 69 products were registered for this year’s competition. Out of these, the jury finally selected 18 products. They awarded 9 Gold Seals, 4 special awards and 5 honorary awards. One of the companies awarded was Chemosvit Folie for a stand-up pouch for cocoa-chocolate waffles Noir Truffe, for which they won the certificate of merit in the category of other printed products. This product is especially attractive due to the fine combination of matted elements in the design, which is acquired by the surface film with metallic effects on the reverse side. The film features excellent light, oxygen and water vapour barriers. It is a convenient pack, as it has an easy-open system. Additionally, seal strengths do not increase with heating, but remain stable over the temperature range of 100 – 140°C. The packaging of Extrafan MAT/RMX EO can be used on vertical packaging machines.

This was the third award won by Chemosvit in this competition.


2007 - The Golden Seal for the packaging of Smoothie Bites

Union of Printing Industry in Slovakia announces the competition of the Golden Seal /Zlatá pečať/ for the best printing product, every year. On its fifteenth year, in 2007, the Gold Seal prize was awarded to Chemosvit Folie for its packaging of Smoothie Bites.

The winners gathered at the exposition site of Incheba on the occasion of advertisement fair of EXPOREKLAMA – SIGN SLOVAKIA – OFFICE 2007 in Bratislava. The award was taken over by Peter Grochola, the Sales Director of Chemosvit Folie for Central and Eastern Europe.

The awarded product Extrafan is a BOPP film laminated with a metallized BOPP film. The film features required barrier properties for the packaging of cereals, and an 8-colour reverse (sandwich) printing of demanding fine half-tones in PANTONE scale, including a covering silver print.

This product is intended for the markets of Western Europe. The packaging serves as a holder of cereal cookies with a fine yoghurt or strawberry taste of a one-bite size. The mission of this competition is to promote and socially appreciate producers of top printing products and to support the development of printing industry in Slovakia.


2005 - A certificate of merit for the family of DISCO packaging

On the 10th year of INTERMEDIA, the international fair of advertisement, marketing, media and gifts held September 2005 in Bratislava, the subsidiary Chemosvit Folie, a.s. was awarded a certificate of merit, in the competition of  the Golden Seal.

In the category of labels and other adjusting printed matters, the company registered its DISCO family packaging. As Martin Pitoňák, Pre-Press Studio Manager said, the product registered for the competition was a product with a high degree of colour fidelity converted by both, flexo, and rotogravure printing technology.

In flexoprinting, the technology involved photopolymer printing sleeves made by Chemosvit Folie. “It is a rare, modern digital technology scarcely available in Slovakia,” stressed M. Pitoňák. Disco picture was printed using 7-colours on the material of Tatrafan MW 647, and is intended for the packaging of biscuits.


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