Flexoprinting forms production

Department specializing in flexoprinting forms production manufactures forms, so called cliché, in form of a flat plate or a round sleeve. Technologies include analogue, digital and FullHD options.

The basic raw material for the production of flexoprinting forms is a raw flexoprinting plate made of a protective film, lams layer, relief layer (monomer) and a polyester plate. The production steps involve pre-exposition, burning / exposing the picture, after which a so-called printing surface of a form is produced with the required embossed relief. Relief is defined as the difference between the form plate and its printing surface. Flexoprinting forms are used to transfer picture onto a printed material – plastic film – using flexoprinting method (relief printing).
Flexoprinting forms are pasted using both-side adhesive tape onto a printing cylinder of a required circumference range (not applicable for sleeves, which get slipped on).
Output control is being performed after the flexoprinting form was imprinted onto a prescribed film grade using specified printing inks – after the proof has passed in-process control.


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