Laboratories perform:

  • analysis of input raw materials (density, melt index, ashes content, ethylene extract, solids content, inks viscosity, sliding, antiblocking or antistatic agents, isotactic index, migration in supplied films, etc.)
  • in-process and output controls: monitoring and measurement of products in all production steps, quality control to ISO, DIN, ASTM, internal inspection methods, measurement of physical-mechanical parameters of films: thickness, square weight, surface tension, strength, elasticity, seal strength, coefficient of friction, shrinkage, impact strength, coherence of layers, cold-seal strength, cold seal deposition, release lacquer, elasticity modulus, SIT, HOT TACK, tear resistance, yield point tension, gloss, haze, water vapour resistance, gas permeability rate, ink coverage, opacity, brightness, colour hue, thermal stability of inks, repeatability, EAN code readability, blocking, seal strength and adhesion power of bags and pouches, carrying capacity of bags, etc.)
  • monitoring of control HACCP points (analysis of residual solvents, aromatic amines, migrations, sensory evaluation of packaging films…)
  • special analysis: different samples analysed using the following methods: FTIR, DSC, GC, GC- MS, UV-VIS, HPLC, AAS (diluting system of inks, chromatography cleanliness of spirit, distillation test, acidity, number of saponification, content of denaturant, analysis on solving technological and production problems, etc.)

Said analyses are being performed using the following laboratory instruments: 

  • FTIR – spectrophotometer of infrared spectrum
  • DSC – differential thermic analyser
  • GC and GC- MS – gas chromatograph
  • UV-VIS – optical instrument for ultraviolet and visible spectrum
  • HPLC – liquid chromatograph
  • AAS – nuclear absorption spectrometer
  • other analyses and operations of laboratories: measurement of organic solvents in the working environment of printing departments, calibration, preparation of colour standards, toleration books and reference samples of RTG, FL printing and lamination according to the requirements of clients, preparation for quality certification, water analysis, analyses for the department of technological innovations, and other special analyses



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